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Dhara Climateag enhances project monitoring and reporting to provide our stakeholders with
high accuracy and transparency.

We are developing cutting-edge deep tech for nature-based solution (NBS) carbon removal projects. The MRV Web Application improves the planning and development processes and supports enhanced monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) processes as per the UNFCCC standards.

AI-powered MRV Platform

Our data-driven climatekrishi platform provides sustainable data-driven personalized recommendations by using data collected with the help of satellite data, chemical sensors, and advanced AI/ML algorithms. Our solutions help farmers make informed decisions to apply best regenerative farming practices for carbon removals, increasing soil organic carbon and overall productivity while minimizing ecological and environmental impact. Our solution provides better monitoring and reporting on projects leading to enhanced carbon sequestration to our stakeholders.

Accurate, Transparent, and Timely Project Development

Our technology integration of sensors, remote sensing, and AI/ML algorithms help measure the carbon stored inside the soil along with other vegetation indices in the projects we develop.

We deploy our full stack technology to scale up nature based solutions for large scale carbon removals with small and marginal landholders and large landholders with no discrimination.


Transparent Traceability

Our projects annual audits, sustainability reports can provide information about the project status and its progress to the buyers.


We design, develop, and list our Carbon Projects on verified carbon registries across the world in the voluntary carbon market.

Farmer’s Mobile Application

Our user friendly farmer’s app is enabled by deep learning-optimized field measurements and regular project monitoring and reporting using an app consisting of Agri-customized GPT powered by proprietary LLM models, crops and plantations specific farmer’s journal, regenerative agriculture techniques powered knowledge base, etc.


Carbon Credit Generation

After collecting data through Farmer’s app and processing through MRV, calculation of estimated carbon credits and sequestered GHGs is made. This overall process helps in the generation and issuance of high-quality carbon credits.